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First and foremost, there is no us without Him. Jesus is the center of our lives and our church; because He’s at the center of all human history. He was sent by God to do what we could not do, and pay the price we could not pay.

He not only died to carry our sin, but rose to life in order to give us His righteousness, and so the cross and the empty tomb of Jesus cast a shadow of love, grace, and mercy over the entire earth.

Our allegiance is firstly to Jesus, who will come again in glory, and He is the One we build our lives on. Just as our bodies need oxygen in order to have life, we need Jesus in order to do anything.

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We believe that a church is more than a Sunday meeting. We believe the church is made up of people who meet together. Use the links below to find out where we meet and how to join a community.

Our Four12 partnership

In our modern age of church denominations and networks, we have to keep going back to the original pattern of relationships between churches, which essentially consisted of local churches working together in partnership with apostolic leaders to build healthy churches and plant new ones. The aim is genuine relationships between churches that God has brought together, and a connection through the Spirit rather than simply under a common banner.

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